Weekend Wrap-Up

First off, I’d like to say my prayers go out to the families and friends and the runners of the Boston Marathon. A true tragedy has occurred today. I can only pray that everyone heals of the injuries, both physically and mentally.

My weekend went by extremely fast, but it mostly consisted of relaxing and eating… Don’t you wish you could’ve joined?;)

Friday I had the opportunity to pull out my old prom dress to attend the Real Life Christian Cru Formal! It was held at the Ohio State Stadium (The Shoe) and was amazing! Ben was my date of course 🙂 We danced the night away in the swanky club in the Shoe. I felt like I was back in high school again. It was definitely a great evening, with fun that will not be soon forgotten.



Saturday I had every intention of waking up and going to Zumba… then stayed home and watched the Goonies instead. Who doesn’t love that movie?! Later Ben stopped over to hang out and watch me cook.

I attempted to make eggless cookie dough… But it was a fail. It tasted fine, but it was too sugary and lacked the consistency of normal cookie dough. Thanks but no thanks Pinterest for that recipe!

Later I made scones! I got the recipe from EatLiveRun.com. It’s amazing 🙂 They are full proof and mine turn out delicious every time! I use vanilla almond milk instead of heavy whipping cream and use my own mixings- like chocolate chips and dried cherries. Honestly, you could add anything you have lying around.

Scones! So yummy... Never getting them at the store again.

Scones! So yummy… Never getting them at the store again.

Later I made a kale salad. I got the recipe off The Chew. I included their picture to see how closely it resembles mine. Overall I loved how the kale tastes. I didn’t include the fruit, and I used walnuts instead of pine nuts. The recipe turned out really yummy and I snacked on it throughout the evening.

Mine :)

Mine 🙂

Sunday morning I did some more cooking! Before heading to Ben’s soccer game I whipped up a green smoothie. I put banana, orange juice, and kale in it. Ice cubes made it all frozen. It was actually really tasty! Future reference, I will blend it MUCH longer to be extra sure the kale gets ground up. I kept getting little chunks of it it my mouth…


The rest of the day we explored outside and enjoyed the nice weather.



Again, no workout Sunday.

My body needed a break… I was feeling sluggish and sore at the end of last week, and the two days off over the weekend was exactly what I needed to get rejuvenated. Now, I’m ready to go!

How was your weekend? Anything exciting happen?

And here's Snickers... In a basket for your enjoyment.

And here’s Snickers… In a basket for your enjoyment.

Did anyone you know run the Boston Marathon? I truly hope they’re all alright… I will keep them in my prayers!



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