Fun Run Friday

Spring has finally arrived! For people in other states or even other parts of my state spring probably sprung a few weeks ago, but around here, warm weather just now showed up. Yesterday and today the weather has been gorgeous. I’m a fair weather runner, so I decided to skip the gym and hit the pavement.

Yesterday I discovered the beautiful Olentangy River Trail. The trail winds over and beside the river, giving the best views of both the city and the wilderness. I’m so excited that I found the trail (I knew it existed I just finally figured out how to get on it 🙂 ) and I plan on running on from now on!

Feeling fit, feeling good :)

Feeling fit, feeling good 🙂

I wish I had pictures to show of the beautiful river and wilderness on the trail, but my phone was tucked into its sleeve on my arm and I didn’t want to waste precious time trying to take it out and put it back in. Besides that, I had a good running groove and was hitting my pace very well. I knew stopping to take pics would ruin the run :/

I ran 5 miles yesterday for a fun run- and it was great! I kept my pace between 8 min and 8:30 per mile. That’s the pace I want to run for my half marathon, so I’m trying to adjust to the pace now.

My confirmation e-mail for the half marathon! I'm so excited!

My confirmation e-mail for the half marathon! I’m so excited!

Today for another fun run I hit the trail and did about 3 miles and walked for 3 miles. It was very windy today, and even though there was a higher temperature and sun shining, I felt very cold. So I decided to walk for 3 miles and enjoy the scenery. Sometimes you can’t always hit your goals of running the whole way, but always remember to listen to your body above all else! That’s exactly what I did. The cold made my body hurt, and I took that as a sign to stop pushing so hard and take it a little easier. There’s always tomorrow, right? 🙂

IMG_4038 IMG_4037IMG_4036


Above: My stats from the 5 mile run. I walked before and after running… That explains the time!

My clean eating week is almost half way over and I find myself craving fruit over candy. I love that! I think after this week is up I will definitely incorporate clean eating into my every day life. I’m probably not going to commit to 100% clean after this week, but I think I will stay eating clean for the majority of my meals. I’ll use my “cheats” for any chocolate treats I crave!
I love that this week has helped me realize how bloated I became from eating bad foods. Eating all of that processed junk was really messing with my body and changing the image I had of myself. I knew I was fit and fairly thin, but I didn’t see it so much until this week when I haven’t been constantly bloated and sluggish from the food I eat.

Food is for fueling. From now on I want to keep that in mind any time I reach for food. Is it fueling my body or hindering my progress? If it isn’t fueling my body in a healthy way, than why do I desire to eat that particular food?

Those are all questions I want to keep in mind from now on. I think it will really help to change my perspective of food for the better!
Have a great weekend!


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