Weekend Wrap-Up + Eating Clean Challenge

Does anyone else feel like the weekend went by too fast? The Easter celebrating and relaxing didn’t last long enough for me, unfortunately.

My Friday was very simplistic, yet totally awesome. If you spent the day with me, you would have enjoyed a fun day of running errands with my mom and sister. I’ve come to really appreciate the time I spend with them because I know that girl’s days like Friday don’t come around often!

We got lot’s of goodies for Easter Sunday dinner, I got myself a new bikini (it’s almost that time of year!), and I ended the day with an at home workout. We also dyed some lovely Easter eggs, which are in my previous post…

Cute M&M's we picked up for Easter

Cute M&M’s we picked up for Easter

On Saturday I spent the day working. Not the most fun or productive use of my time, but I was happy to earn a little income- which doesn’t happen often. I decided that school would be my full time job during college, but I’m definitely reconsidering that notion.

If you could have spent Saturday afternoon/evening with me you could have joined me on a 5 mile run! Yes, I actually was able to run outside. The weather cleared up into a nice, sunny day. I bundled up a bit and decided to test my endurance. Overall I’m pretty happy with my 9 min. mile pace, but I will improving it to an 8 min. mile pace during the summer.



Sunday finally came around and I felt so thankful for everything God has been doing in my life. Easter was a day I reflected a lot on how fortunate we are that Jesus died for our sins. The idea that God was so selfless and Jesus was so brave and trusting is almost unfathomable. I feel so grateful to have a loving family and God leading my life!

Wearing my Easter best

Wearing my Easter best

Easter was spent mostly baking and cooking after church…

I tried my hand at Chicken Cordon Bleu! It was Bobbi Flay’s recipe via the FoodNetwork.

Chicken Cordon Bleu ready to serve!

Chicken Cordon Bleu ready to serve!

A look at the inside- Chicken, cheese, and ham all rolled in one :)

A look at the inside- Chicken, cheese, and ham all rolled in one 🙂


I got to pound out chicken with a skillet because we didn’t have a meat pounder, but I think it was more fun with the skillet. It made a crazy racket while I was pounding that meat though…



Sunday went by quickly and I was happy to spend it with the family. We all had a great day 🙂

My silly cat standing like a bunny with his tongue out!

My silly cat standing like a bunny with his tongue out!

That brings me to today: the first day of my week of eating clean!
So far I’ve had:

Breakfast of a rice cake with all natural peanut butter

Snack of mixed fruit and a banana pre-workout

Lunch was grilled chicken breast with potato

Snack was cuties and pistachios

Dinner of grilled chicken breast, potato, and corn

My thoughts? I’ve felt really great so far today! I’ll probably have one more snack before bed- either fruit or nuts… or both. I think I more energy during my workout today, and I didn’t worry about being sluggish or getting cramps.

Eating clean is a challenge, but I definitely came prepared for this week!

From home, I packed:

Apples, Bananas, Grapes, Cuties, Rice Cakes, Granola, Strawberries

From school I can get…

Grilled chicken, ham, fat free skim milk (but I’m trying to avoid dairy), vegetables like corn, carrots, green beans, etc.

I think planning ahead is the most difficult part of eating clean, but I’m doing it all from a dorm room, so anyone with a decent kitchen and grocery store nearby shouldn’t have a problem 😉

Grilled chicken and potato from lunch today

Grilled chicken and potato from lunch today

Drinking iced tea since my iced coffee isn't a clean choice for the week

Drinking iced tea since my iced coffee isn’t a clean choice for the week


I think eating clean this week will improve my overall energy level AND get rid of any Easter bloating. I’m going through sugar withdrawal now because of yesterday. I figured that if I didn’t eat all my Easter chocolate yesterday, than I wouldn’t be able to for a week. So, I ate a lot. And when I say a lot, I’m talking an overdose on chocolate!
This week of eating clean is exactly what I need to kick my sugar cravings and chocolate habits.

This is all the chocolate I ate... plus some cookie dough!

This is all the chocolate I ate… plus some cookie dough!


Day 1 almost over, only 6 more to go!

Anyone else want to take the clean eating challenge? Comment below and pledge you want to be a part-> posting a comment will make you feel responsible and less likely to cheat! 😉




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