Clean Eating Challenge

After my workout challenge that I had this week, I want to keep up the theme. I have a competitive drive, and that drive helps me to succeed.

So, the new challenge, if you accept it, will be to eat 100% clean for 1 week. This challenge will test my patience and my self control. I hope to have your support AND would love for you to take on this challenge with me! πŸ™‚

I decided that this challenge would be great after the Easter holiday. I plan to begin my week Monday. I want to try this clean eating 100% thing because I want to see results. All I hear is how great clean eating makes people feel and how great people look from it. Well, I want in on it.

I don’t know if I can eat 100% clean my whole life, but I figure committing for a week will let me test things out and see results. If I like what I see and feel, who knows? Maybe I will be able to completely change my diet and eating habits!

Eating clean will be a serious challenge, but I plan to take it on starting Monday. I chose Monday because I want a few days to prepare and I want to enjoy Easter dinner with my family (without preparing myself a totally separate meal).

To get ready for the challenge I need to do some serious grocery shopping! All fruits and veggies. I will get my meat on campus at OSU because I can generally get fresh meat from there (lots of chicken), but I can’t get lots of fruits and veggies in a great enough variety.

Ready to take on clean eating? Here we go!

Here’s some inspirational clean Easter eats. Hard boiled eggs are amazing, and now you can enjoy them in a fun way!

Put hard boiled eggs in a bag of food coloring and water for 30 min, then take them out and peel the shell off. BEFORE putting them in the bag, crack the shell of the egg in many places, without having the shell come off. (It lets the color in) and VOILA! Pretty eggs πŸ™‚

Before cracking the shells...

Before cracking the shells…

IMG_3955 IMG_3956




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