Happy Easter!

Today starts my mini Easter break from school. Technically, we don’t get any days off for the holiday, but I decided to skip class tomorrow and give myself a 4 day weekend (if we include today).

This weekend I can’t wait to spend time with my family and friends and just relax a little bit. Between my traveling and school work these past few weeks I don’t think I’ve slowed down and stopped to enjoy the wonderful world around me…

So, this weekend I want to take time to truly enjoy what’s around me and give thanks for everything I have. (Kind of like Thanksgiving, only this is Easter style!)

What a better way to start my mini break than curling up on the couch to watch a movie… The Princess Bride 🙂 I love this movie so much! We read the book and watched the movie in high school, and I always enjoy it whenever it’s on TV. I relaxed a bit and cleared my thoughts before heading out to work out.



I had every intention of attending a Zumba class this evening, but I only stayed for the Absurdity 1/2 hour class prior to Zumba. The ab workout was definitely a tough one! I really felt the burn, which is always a nice change. I try not to focus on my abs too much because I know a full body workout yields better results. But tonight, my abs got to feel the burn!

Calories burned during Absurdity

Calories burned during Absurdity

After the Absurdity class I realized I really wasn’t in the mood to do Zumba. Why force myself into something I wouldn’t enjoy? So I listened to my body and left. I went home to try the 100 burpee challenge. ( I hadn’t forgotten about my failure yesterday!) I was determined to finish and I did 🙂 I’m so proud of myself for pushing my body to my limits.

Calories burned during rest of my workout

Calories burned during rest of my workout

The challenge is broken into 25 reps of 4 types of burpees. I had trouble with the first 3 types (they involved full push-ups and touching your toe to fingertips when you came up, and also doing burpees to the side). After the first 3 types, the final burpees had plank jacks. I was proud of my finish, even if the challenge left me winded and exhausted!

My shadow during the workout... with my cat watching!

My shadow during the workout… with my cat watching!

The rest of my workout involved some jumping jacks, weight lifting, and kicking my punching bag. I’m satisfied with my at home workout- it started my weekend off on the right foot!

How are you going to spend Easter weekend? What workout challenge do you face? 



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