What I Ate Wednesday

I really like the idea of posting what I eat in a day… It might sound odd, but I feel like people are continually interested in what other people are eating. I mostly look at the foods other people consume to compare/contrast what I eat compared to them.

Overall, my diet is pretty healthy. I eat the amount I want of foods and I eat foods that work for me. I’m not on a “diet” by any means. I do use portion control and watch my consumption of foods that are high in fats and sugars. Honestly, I don’t even crave fried foods or anything similar anymore.

Chocolate, however, I crave endlessly. I satisfy my sweet tooth with gluten-free, whole grain options and portion controlled sizes of chocolate. I struggle, but I’m slowly waning myself off of the current amount of chocolate I eat.

I’m still taking classes at OSU, which means I’m forced to consume mainly dorm foods or dining hall foods. I do pretty well to choose my foods wisely, and I hope seeing my choices will help you choose better options in the future!



For breakfast I enjoyed fresh strawberries and honey nut cheerios with skim milk. If I were at home I would have enjoyed my Kashi cereal and almond milk, but I had to make do with what the campus grocery store was selling this week! I love fresh fruit for breakfast. Strawberries are my favorite because they offer so much natural sweetness and keep me from craving unhealthier options. (Do you like my fancy plastic silverware and tupperware bowls?) 😉



My morning pick-me-up was my frozen vanilla latte. I order it light- so I get skim milk, sugar free syrup, light powder, and coffee. I like the taste of the light version much better than regular! I don’t get coffee every day, but today I definitely needed an energy boost. I drank it about an hour and a half before I worked out.

During class I enjoyed this delicious gluten-free cookie! It’s my latest healthier option on campus and I can’t say enough good things about it. The ingredients are all whole grain and all natural. They taste delicious! I had mine an hour before I went to workout.

IMG_3919 IMG_3918 IMG_3917


Here are the stats for my workout of the day (WOTD). Today I mainly focused my arms- lifting heavier than usual. That kept me in the fat burning zone. I also was on the elliptical doing interval training for about a half an hour. Afterwards I attempted the PurelyTwins challenge to do 100 burpees. (see purelytwins.com for the full workout.) I got through 50 burpees before calling it quits! I was already spent after the weight lifting and cardio, so I cut my workout off after 59 min.

I’m really satisfied with my progress. I like having visual, graphical feedback after my workout. Getting the Polar FT40 has been a blessing.

IMG_3916Post workout I refueled with a delicious mixed greens, veggie, and chicken salad. I had to order the chicken breast and salad separate, then combine them myself. The salad was delicious! It was very fresh and satisfied my hunger. I ended up putting a little fat-free italian and fat-free ranch dressing on the salad for flavor. yum!



I worked on homework steadily today until my stomach was growling with hunger. My body needed refueled! I bought a turkey, provolone, and tomato panini. It was very delicious, but a little to salty and greasy for my taste. I wish I had a kitchen to make it myself….

For dessert I tried the skinny cow chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. I love that skinny cow ice cream is always in the perfect portion size. I did eat the whole carton, but it was so tiny and guilt-free.

Like I said, I don’t eat 100% clean, but I’m working my way to that point. Living on campus puts many restrictions on what types of healthy foods I can purchase. I have a meal plan that I have to use and buy items with. I can’t wait to move home for the summer and truly start to transform my diet.

Once last bit of inspiration for the day:

IMG_3922Here is my most current before and after picture. Before, when I wasn’t concerned about what I ate or living a fit lifestyle, and after, a picture of me today!

I am happy with how tone my body has become and I’m excited to push forward. I thank God every day for giving me the strength to exercise and eat right. Every day is a challenge, but it is worth it for the results!

What challenges do you face with eating healthy? What about exercise challenges?





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