Yesterday was a super exciting day. Why? Because my Polar FT40 heart rate monitor came in the mail! With my luck, the HRM was delivered right after I was done with my workout for yesterday, so I didn’t get to try it out until today.

I was so excited to open the box!

Yesterday I was able to analyze everything it came with and read up on all the manuals and watch all of the videos related to it. It came in a small box, which surprised me because I knew it contained a strap that went around my waist. How did it all fit in the little box? Well, it did much to my shock!



First things first, I had to set up all of the background information. Programming the date, time, height, weight, etc. took a total of 3 min. It wouldn’t take a genius to do the set up of the watch, and I loved its conveniency.



Next, I needed to take the fitness test. You’re probably thinking, oh no how difficult is that?! Honestly, it’s as east as laying down for 5 min. No joke. You put the HRM on your waist (actually just below your sports bra) and hit the start button. I had to lie still for 5 min and it tested my heart rate. According to the fitness test, my number is 53, and anything above 51 is elite! I was happy to see that I made it into the “elite” category.



A few interesting tid bits about the HRM and watch…

The HRM needs to be wetted down with water before being put around your torso very snug. They aren’t messing around when they say to have it fit tightly and make sure it is completely sealed against your chest. My first attempt at the fitness test was actually a failure because I didn’t have the HRM sealed against my chest (I didn’t use enough water, lesson learned!).

Bad picture, but the HRM strap is below the navy blue sports bra I'm wearing

Bad picture, but the HRM strap is below the navy blue sports bra I’m wearing

Today I worked out with the HRM and watch and found it easy to use and easy to read. Starting the work out means pressing the “ok” button twice. The watch detects your heart rate and you’re good to go! I like that there is a pause button, just in case your work out is interrupted you press pause.

During the workout you can change between different views. The regular view tells your heart rate and whether you’re in fat burning mode or fitness mode (I’ll explain those in a bit!). I kept my watch at the normal view, but I also changed it to the calories burned view, the heart rate view, and the % fat burned view. I thought it was easy to read and helpful!

Below are my first workout stats:

IMG_3890 IMG_3889 IMG_3888

Fat burned vs. Fitness is based on heart rate. When you’re in the fitness zone you have a much higher heart rate and are increasing endurance. Also, in that zone you burn up and use more carbohydrates. During fat burning zone, you are burning more fat and your heart rate is generally lower. I stayed in the fat burning zone for about 10 min, which was only while I was doing my ab exercises and lifting other weights. I was in fitness zone majority of the time, and during my workout today I spent 35 min on the elliptical for cardio.

Post-wokout happiness!

Post-wokout happiness!

Overall I highly recommend the Polar FT40 to anyone increasing their fitness level. I like that I can keep track of all my work with exact numbers, and see my progress much more easily. I like that the watch is easy to use and operate. The HRM around my torso was hardly noticeable (it just felt like my sports bra strap… perhaps men would notice it being there more than women?).

I can’t wait to continue to share my stats with each workout I complete! 🙂



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