Weekend Wrap-Up

Hey everybody… It’s MONDAY! Time to start another week. That’s the only part I enjoy about Mondays; I feel like they’re a fresh start. Sometimes we screw up our diet and exercise over the weekend, but Monday is a day to start over and get to the gym. Sometimes we try taking our lives into our own hands and forget to look to God, but Monday is a great day to start praying and continue praying throughout the week. Also, sometimes we forget to appreciate the little things in life. Well, it’s Monday. So, take a deep breath with me, soak up life, take everything in, and enjoy life’s wonders!

If you could spend the weekend with me we would have had a blast! It was the last weekend of my spring break and I enjoyed it while staying super busy.

At home workout I fit in over the weekend- weights, yoga mat, and treadmill

At home workout I fit in over the weekend- weights, yoga mat, and treadmill

Friday I worked for my mom’s friend doing scrapbooking. Bet you didn’t know I was a pro scrapbooker did you? If you ever need someone, contact me! I loved my relaxing “me time” on Friday while I put pages and pages of pictures together.

That evening, it was time for skiing! The last weekend the ski resort would be open had finally arrived. The snow was slushy and melting, but I had fun skiing with Ben and our friends.

We left early to do a little shopping… and I got a new pair of running shoes! I’m so excited to hit the pavement in my new Saucony shoes. They’re Saucony OutDuel shoes and I am in love. They feel like slippers on my feet, but they have great stability and cushion. I highly recommend these shoes! It’s been very cold and rainy since I bought them, so I’ve test driven the shoes during Zumba, running on the treadmill, and strength training at the gym. They’re super comfortable 🙂


On Saturday morning I hit up my last Zumba class for a while (I don’t do Zumba while I’m in Columbus, which is where I’ll be for the next few weeks!). I had a blast, as always.

After my morning sweat session I quickly got ready to go skiing again. I met up with Ben and we had a great time (until it started raining). We left the ski resort then and made ourselves a gourmet dinner. Who says we can’t have breakfast for dinner?? We made homemade pancakes with chocolate chips, strawberries, and whipped cream. I splurged with the chocolate chips, but everything else was “heart and healthy” or light or sugar-free!

Heavenly pancake dinner!

Heavenly pancake dinner!

Then, Sunday was St Patrick’s Day! How did you celebrate??

We went to a great church service about following God’s rules. He does everything to make us better, even if we don’t see the end result immediately or understand why he does something. It’s just like when parent’s say “Because I said so”. If we listen to our parents, why don’t we listen to our heavenly Father?

"Live by faith, not by sight"

Sunday continued to be crazy and fun. Subway was our lunch, and I enjoyed the flatbread chicken sub. Afterwards Ben and I went to the last day Snow Trails was open. I watched him to rails and jumps during a Rail Jam. Afterwards, I went tubing for the first time! I had a really great time. It reminded me of riding a roller coaster of all things… There was a long wait getting up the hill (what felt like forever to my impatient self) and the ride down was too fast and too fun!

Ben hitting a rail

Ben hitting a rail

Tubing with Ben was a blast :)

Tubing with Ben was a blast 🙂

Sunday evening we celebrated the birthdays of Ben’s cousin and his best friend. Lauren and Matt are so loved in the family! We celebrated at Coldstone Creamery with ice cream and fun. My last splurge of unhealthy eating occurred when I order my black cherry ice cream with chocolate chips and chocolate fudge mix-ins. Life is too short to pass up free ice cream! One bad meal won’t make you fat, just like one healthy meal won’t make you skinny 😉

Coldstone Silliness

Coldstone Silliness


My weekend ended quickly, and my week began with me back at Ohio State. I’m back to the real world and back to posting on the blog at least every other day! (My apologies for being AWOL over my spring break!) I have exciting news for the rest of the week that I can’t wait to share 🙂

How are you spending your spring break? What’s your favorite breakfast for dinner?



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