I’m excited for…

Lately I’ve been feeling so blessed for the amazing opportunities God is putting in my life. I want to share some upcoming awesome events/things that I’m excited for and looking forward to!

First, I can’t wait for my trip to New York City this week! I leave Thursday in the AM for a short trip to NYC through the business honors learning community that I’m a part of at OSU. I visited New York for the first time when I was 16, and I can’t wait to go back. The mini vacation is much needed. I’ll be returning Sunday morning- very early though (like 2 am!). Can’t wait to share pictures and memories with everyone.

Soon I will also be going to Italy and Ireland! I’m weeks away from that trip as well. It’s a study abroad trip through OSU. I leave May 10th for the trip and will be spending 10 days abroad- 5 in Italy and 5 in Ireland. It will be my first time flying alone and flying abroad! I’ll definitely be sharing more information about that trip when the time is closer…

Reading my travel books to prepare for the trip :)

Reading my travel books to prepare for the trip 🙂

I just bought new running shoes if you noticed my last Weekend Wrap-Up. Why? Because I’m running my first half marathon! This fall I’ll be running in the Columbus half marathon. It’s not until October, but I’m currently trying to find a half marathon a bit sooner than that. I’ll also be running 5k’s throughout the summer- like the Color Run maybe? 😉

Stretching after my run... Showing off my new kicks!

Stretching after my run… Showing off my new kicks!

I’ve been looking into different heart rate/fitness monitors lately. I’ve done research into all the options and I’ve finally made my decision to buy the Polar FT40 watch! I can’t wait to get it in the mail and try it out. Knowing me, I’ll never want to take it off! I considered the UP by Jawbone, but I realized that it wasn’t going to fit my needs. I wanted a monitor that tracked everything without me telling it what to do, and I wanted it to specifically count my calories and heart rate during fitness activities. I went for the FT40 because it is meant for people wanting to improve their fitness level. (i.e.: ME) I feel like I need to kick everything up a notch and that this watch will definitely help me!


Do you own a Polar watch? How to you keep track of your activity level?

Have you studied abroad? Where to?

What’s your favorite place to visit in NYC?


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